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The pandemic may be inching toward a resolution in 2021, but the aftereffects of the havoc it wreaked in 2020 are very much still being felt across the food industry.

A new wave of supply chain issues is affecting fast-food chains and causing shortages of several crucial ingredients, as well as workers—factors that are highly likely to affect your next trip to the drive-thru. Here’s what’s currently in short supply across restaurants in America.

In early February, news of an impending shortage of chicken wings about to hit American fast-food chains and restaurants emerged. A growing number of restaurants have added this beloved item to their menus amid an unprecedented surge in pandemic popularity, resulting in a “tight” nationwide supply. In fact, America’s cold storage stock of chicken wings is at its lowest point since 2011, according to an analyst cited by Restaurant Business. While big brands like Domino’s and Wingstop may not be impacted just yet, reports from states like Texas and Wisconsin warn of local restaurants that are running out of wings.

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